Secure Remote Backup 

Protect information on your computers with secure, remote backup to off site storage devices. One remote backup solution for all of your PCs.


PMS151 Backup provides:

  • Increased automation. Schedule recurring backup sessions and ensure that routine backups occur.
  • Enhanced flexibility. Use incremental backups to minimize bandwidth and storage impact.
  • Layered security. Protect data during transfer and storage with industry-standard encryption.
  • Simple operation. Dynamically negotiate firewall boundaries and work with existing network devices.
  • More options. Utilize server storage, NAS devices, or other storage systems and have your remote computers automatically store important information to those systems whether those computers are on or off the LAN

Software Support  

 PMS151 can set up the synchronizing of mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) with calendar, contact, notes, etc. on the PC. Support for software includes the installation, configuration, training, and continued consulting for many business packages including:.

PMS151 Software Support

Microsoft Office

·         Outlook

·         Word

·         Excel

·         PowerPoint

·         Publisher



·         PageMaker

·         PhotoShop




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