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Social Media is the “Wild West” of the marketing world. Today companies large and small need to promote themselves on the Internet and social media is proving the most productive.

This is what one new start-up had to say, “The credit for all that traffic goes to you guys because the data shows that y’all are passing around our links like crazy – 60% of our traffic is shared via social media.” Out kick the coverage.

“Why have businesses embraced what they recently considered the province of teenagers? The reason shown in the UMass story is that 90 percent of executives now see social media as important for brand awareness and company reputation. More than 80 percent consider social media effective for building Web traffic and generating sales leads. Three-quarters use social media to provide customer service.”  The Tennessean

Social Media Increasingly Important for B-to-B Marketers:    B-to-b marketers have traditionally used a steady diet of white papers and nurturing initiatives to form relationships with prospects. But a new study by IDG Connect — a research and lead generation division of the International Data Group — shows that IT buyers will soon look to social media as the single most important content source to inform their buying decisions.

Social Media is a cost effective marketing tool. The small investment will provide a large return. PMS151can develop an effective Social Media marketing plan as well as design and maintain these sites.

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